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Minerals and Trace Elements for healthier and stronger honeybees
Add 10ml to each litre of sugar syrup feed to provide all the trace elements found in honey and pollen
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Minerals and Trace Elements FOR BEES have been scientifically proven to contain THE SAME KEY MINERALS AND TRACE ELEMENTS AS HONEY AND POLLEN.

Honey bees actively try to source minerals and trace elements however due to environmental stresses they are often unable to find them.

The nutritional elements that limit honeybee development to the highest degree due to their scarcity in pollen are Na, S, Cu, P and K. Zn and N.  (Michal Filipiak et al. Institute of Environmental Sciences, Jagiellonian University, Poland).

The good news is Mineral Bee provides these essential minerals and trace elements and more!

  • Contains 23 minerals and trace elements
  • contains fatty acids
  • contains amino acids
  • bioavailable
  • chemical free
  • colourless
  • odourless
  • no heat
  • no freezing
  • organically sourced
  • Only 10 ml of minerals and trace elements for bees is needed per litre of syrup feed or drinking water.
  • This is NOT a plant based product.
  • Use when ever you feed your bees or give them drinking water.


Honey Bee foragers are finely tuned to search for micronutrients. This ability likely helps the foragers in their search for a balanced diet for the colony as a whole.

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