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In our beekeeping store you can find the equipment you need to start your journey into beekeeping or expand your Apiary or Beekeeping business.


Wellbeing of your bees

We have what we need to assist with the wellbeing of your bees and apiary. We try to keep our prices as low as we can whilst not compromising on quality.

Excellent starter packs

If you are looking to get started in beekeeping we have some excellent starter packs that can get you up and running at very competitive prices.


We will source for you

If there is something specific you are looking for and we do not stock it, please contact us ( and we will look to source it for you

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We are trying to build this section up to provide a wide variety of hives including the less common types used here in Ireland. We have built up relations with a number of manufacturers throughout Europe and China so if you are looking for a specific hive let us know and I am sure we can source one or more for you.

For large orders please email your enquiries to

We keep a stock of the common Frames and Foundations but we can source all types so when you require something specific or special pleaseemail us at

For large orders please email your inquiries to

We have an extensive range of tools to help you with your beekeeping tasks.

If you can not find something special or specific you require please email us at and we will do our best to source the items for you.

We always stock a range of cost-effective harvesting equipment or accessories however, if you require a specific make, or piece of equipment we can normally source it through our sales network.

Please email your requirements to and we will try and source the equipment for you.

In future years we will sell our own bees but expect to have only small quantities as most will go to expand the Apiary.

We will list on this page independent suppliers of bees throughout the island of Ireland.

If you are a bee breeder and wish to be listed here then please email providing the following information:

Contact Telephone Number
Type of Bees
If NUC is included and what type of NUC wood, Poly Correx
No. of frames in the NUC

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