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The native Irish Black bee

The native Irish Black bee population (Apis Mellifera Mellifera) along with all other Pollinators continues to decline in the wild here in Ireland due to both the use of chemical pesticides and the changes in landscape and climate.


Pasionate about bees

Shanballymore Apiary

Shanballymore Apiary is committed to increasing the population through managed colonies and helping the habitat for the bees. We are currently a small apiary but are committed to a planting program increasing our hedgerows with indigenous fruiting hedgerow.

Give Back

Sponsor a full or part hive

You can help us by sponsoring a full or part hive.

Sponsorship packages start at €30 and you can buy one or as many as you like. It takes 12 packages to fund a new hive and colony of bees.

In return for your sponsorship you will receive a certificate of sponsorship, a bi-monthly newsletter on the progress of your hive and photographs of the hive and bees and two jars of 100% pure raw Irish honey per Sponsorship Package.


Only harvest surplus Honey

Honey will be shipped to sponsors free of charge in late Sept or early October depending on the bees themselves. We only harvest surplus Honey ensuring the bees have enough stores to see them through the winter. If the actual hive you have sponsored does not have surplus Honey to harvest then you will get honey from an adjacent hive in the Apiary.

A sponsorship also makes a great present for family or friends

1 – For every €30 sponsored you will receive two 226g jars of our pure Irish honey shipped for free (Total value of €23 incl. postage).

2 – Sponsorship is annual and we hope after the first year that you will return to help the bee population again and again.


3 – You sponsor the bees and the bees give you something back as a thank you.

4 – Each extra hive that we set up as a result of your sponsorship can house up to 60,000 extra bees during the peak season.