Bee Shaker


Bee Shaker for use in varroa mite hive inspections.

With a measuring cup get a half cup of bees (around 300) and place them in the measuring container. Place the mesh lid on so the bees can not escape. Sprinkle circa 1 table spoon of powdered sugar into the container. Place the outer lid over the mesh lid and gently shake the bees for about 20 seconds to ensure they are all coated in the powdered sugar.
remove the outer lid and inverting the container gently shake the tub over a white surface so that mites and sugar fall out. Count the mites and depending on the time of year you can calculate your varroa load and treat if necessary

Divide the varroa count by 3 to get the percentage (load Count  divided by 300 (number of bees) multiplied by 100))

As a rule of thumb if the count equates to 3% or more you need to treat


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